Aayi meaning Mother in Marathi, is the coming (Aayi also means coming in Hindi) together of four mothers from different walks of life to celebrate our differences and pool in our varied skills into a commercial cause. Aayi came to being on August 4th 2019 with an exhibition cum sale at Bengaluru. Aayi operates as an online store for ladies and Aayi has exhibitions across India from time to time. Aayi sells sarees, salwar suit materials, stoles, kurthis, bags and accessories. Aayi promotes weaves of India to support Indian handloom industry and weavers. Aayi supports women by engaging them in stitching and designing making them our support system. Aayi ensures a hassle free shopping experience

Contact Number
+91 8113025893/9633230777
Product & Service
Womens garments and accessories
Business Hours
9 AM - 6 PM
Online Boutique
More Info
    Handlooms of India ,In-house designs, Accessories, Reviving age old sarees.