Join My Culinary Journey


Join My Culinary Journey is a venture I started a year ago. We serve you home cooked delicacies and deliver at your doorstep for you to enjoy in the comforts of your home. We undertake party order for lunch, dinner and snacks. You may contact me in case, so we help you design a menu as well as deliver it to your home. We do have a variety of kid friendly menus too.

Contact Number
+91 9526655555

Business Hours
7 AM- 6 PM
Sheethal Sherif
Join My Culinary Journey
Trinity World,
Kakkanad - Kochi
Kerala - India
More Info
    We have the following in our regular menu:

    1. Malabar Chicken Biriyani
    2. Hyderabadi Chicken/Veg Biriyani
    3. Ghee rice + Chicken/Beef curry
    4. Fried rice + Butter Chicken

    We also have frozen snacks which can be fried hot at home.

    1. Frozen Chicken/Beef samosa
    2. Frozen Chicken/Beef Cutlet
    3. Frozen Chicken/Veg Springrolls
    4. Frozen Hariyali Chicken Tikka ( Marinated)
    5. Frozen Kerala Chicken Fry ( Marinated)
    6. Frozen Chicken Tikka ( Marinated)
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