Papla - Areca Leaf Tablewares, Cocnut Shell Bowls, Eco Friendly


Papla is an action driven spirit to a less-paper and plastic world. Nature has always had products and production processes without pollution, and so do we by bio-mimicing nature. Based out of India, we intend to bring 100% natural sustainable and quality products to global market. We are manufacturers, exporters and advocates of things natural, Eco-friendly and sustainable. At Papla, things are green and we think green!! We have always stuck to our motto of thinking green and producing greens. We are known for producing and trading products that are sustainable, Eco-friendly, Natural and Home made/ Hand made to preserve the natural feel and boost rural Indian economy. Papla promotes living a zero-waste life and also stands tall empowering women at our factories, with them contributing to the best part of production. We are recognized by customers for quality, on-time delivery, customisable orders and value for money.

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+91 6235726264

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9 AM - 8PM
Kerala, India. 671314
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    Eco-friendly. Compostable. Natural.
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